You may have heard about design patterns. May have read Gang of Four’s classic. Cool. If you did not, this will be somewhat harder but still manageable – do NOT be late as in first 2 minutes I’ll explain what you need to know. Because I’ll be talking about design patterns TEMPLATES. As in: take several patterns together and achieve XYZ. I will touch upon several topics: integration between components, graphical components creation (for web, desktop or mobile apps), organizing the code and layering (MVC abuse will be cautioned against). DDD will be shown among the templates, as it is quite a good example. Of course, to do the topic justice I’d have to spend a day or two with you all, so this will be wide coverage, while shallow. Hence „touch upon” earlier, instead of explore, widely explain etc. But I’ll give you sources to dive deeper.

After this – language-agnostic – presentation, I want you to have several building pieces for your next application. Whatever it will be.

If you’ve already read both the red and the blue book from DDD, if you’ve read POSA, PEAA and EIP, if you used that in practice and you don’t want a refresher – feel free to skip. 😉